Girl With A One Track Mind

By | August 28, 2008

Since Alex and I started writing for this site in 2005 it has slowly taken us both over. Blogging is now a lifestyle, we work all day and in the evening sit at our desks writing…that is when we aren’t shagging of course.

And as we found recently when we attended the Passion show in London the whole thing is addictive. We didn’t take a laptop with us and spent brief periods during the evening wishing we had, mainly to report back to you all that our hotel was the worst we have ever stayed in. For the full story you can search our posts I’m sure you will find it.

I even think differently to how I used to just a few years ago. I will note key events during my day so that I can tell you all about them, immediately analysing whether it would make a worth piece to post up here.

In short I think more like a journalist and reporter bringing you all the dirty details straight to your computer.

All of these changes in me I had become aware of but what happened today was a little scary…well, not scary but concerning.

I had booked an appointment for one of our staff at a clients and he called me up to say that he wondered if I had got the address details correct. The address I had sent him out to was on the system as Blogborough Crescent.

As he told me I had to stifle my laughter. This is indicative of just how much time I do spend writing for the site. The proper address was Bilborough Road. Lol

I’m going to have to pay more attention aren’t I. 😉