Scary Cock!

By | November 3, 2011

Realistic CockI love my sex toys in whatever shape or form they come. Some toys which look as if they simply wouldn’t hit the spot can take you by surprise on occasion. This has happened to me a few times when I have suggested that I test a toy expecting to be pedestrian and it amazes me.

It doesn’t happened very often these days, I seem to have developed a talent over my past 4 years of toy testing and reviewing of spotting which toys will work and which to give a miss. Hardly surprising with all the sex toy reviews over at Sex Toys Buzz.

Toys which stimulate the g-spot are a favourite on my list. You know the ones I mean, with their angled head. And they don’t have to be phallic in shape to do that, designers are becoming more and more body responsive and cleverly shaping their toys to fit women’s anatomy.

Of course not all women are the same size and shape and therefore not every woman’s clit, vaginal opening and g-spot are going to be in the same place. So the more configurable a toy is the easier it is to satisfy a broad range of sizes.

The male member is perfectly designed to fit a woman and stimulate her where she is most responsive. That is why most of the early sex toys were phallic in shape. I have to admit it’s nice to have a large realistic vibrating cock inside you every now and then.

But I’m afraid there are some toys which look, well scary. Take the cock in the top corner for instance. The bright pink tip looks sore and inflamed and the hairy toupee at the base makes me want to laugh.

Whilst I like the veining and the shaped cock head the hair for me just puts me off and I have to wonder if it wouldn’t eventually make a bid for freedom and end up stuck on me. Lol