Personal Services On Friday

By | November 3, 2011

Gym WeightsI went to gym this morning as normal and did my stint on the rowing machine and some weights as normal.  Then I went over to the bikes to do my half hour staring out in to the car park whilst sweating profusely.

Yesterday I discovered a rather nice brunette on the rowing machine and only just managed to complete my session on there because she was a slight distraction to say the least.  😉  Today she was nowhere in sight.

So I’m pedalling away on the bike when I accidentally grab the heart beat sensors on the handlebar and my reading comes back.  It was so fast I scared the life out of myself, I need some cardio work!

Shit I think, prompting me to ask a personal trainer the minute I finish my time.  Once I completed my exercise I had a brief stretch and made my way over to one of the PT not knowing if I should be concerned or not.

The guy was very reassuring telling me that the heart rate will vary and that I can take the beats up even more.  He then offered to meet me on Friday morning for a free 45 minute taster of his services.  J

I nodded my head and said it was a date but I’ve got to admit I’m now bricking myself, will I be able to keep up?  I’ll let you know if I survive to Friday lunchtime.  lol