An Afternoon Of Porn And Friging

By | November 4, 2011

Young Harlots Dirty BusinessBeing a woman I excel at multi tasking, I’ve always done it and always will be efficient in how I use my time.  As such when it came to reviewing one of the latest R18 DVD’s to come through my door I thought it would be a good idea to rub one out at the same time.  😉

I placed the DVD in the drive, turned on the television and pulled the curtains to.  The DVD span up and I opened my bedside draw to retrieve one of my favourite clit vibes.  Then snuggling under the cover I pressed play and pressed the On button.

Again I pressed the On button…nothing!

Then I raised my hand from under the duvet to see that the vibe was totally unresponsive, no vibration and not even a light.  Dead, totally dead.  Bugger, it needed to be charged and just when I really needed it.

But the beauty of being a sex toy tester is that if one doesn’t work there is always another waiting in the sidelines and I retrieved another clit vibe.  And this one worked,  😉

I watched a great Harmony Films production whilst having a really good clit workout watching Syren Sexton getting a good fucking.

You can now read my review over here.