Wake Up Suck Off

By | November 4, 2011

Sucking CockI woke up this morning to find Suze’s hand on my cock. I’d drifted into consciousness with a semi-erect cock and the sensation of her fingers stroking my shaft made me grow in a few minutes until I had a hard shaft of throbbing flesh that she could play with.

I was on my back, she on her side. She pulled back the covers to expose me then caressed my shaven balls and rigid member for about fifteen minutes, never wanting to make me come but pleasuring herself by toying with me.

I began to squirm, balls tight and eager to be released. She is saving that for later though and all she allowed herself to elicit from the tip of my cock was an oozing trickle of clear precum. It dripped onto my stomach while I rather awkwardly doubled up my arm and played with her nipples.

Eventually the drips formed a little puddle which she spread into a circle on my stomach with her middle finger before tasting, just once from her fingertip.

We were both thirsty so I got up and made a cup of tea. I walked out of the bedroom with my cock waving in front of me and Suze watching, smiling and looking forward to later.

I’m still oozing precum down my inner thigh as I write this …