Phone Sex 21st Century Style

By | August 28, 2008

I was never one to try and impress the ladies when I was growing up.

Did you spot the lie there? I’m a bloke so it’s obvious that I was genetically predisposed to try and impress the ladies. However I was somewhat unconventional, preferring indirect methods and unusual fashion sense to woo the opposite sex. It was only by shear chance that I acquired a sportscar and drew attention to myself that way. It was cheap I was in the trade and it made sense. It was also bloody good fun.

The fast car is of course one of the standard ways in which the male of the species attempts to impress girls and entice them to drop their knickers. In my case it was a happy side effect of my business activities, but for some guys, especially now because of higher disposable income, it seems to be one of the three things they aspire to.

There are clothes, cars and the final element that seems to have become the must-have part of anyone’s attire – the mobile phone.

I was never into clothes either and my dress-sense was a little odd and out of step with the time. And the cell phones? Well they appeared only at the end of my adolescence and were far too expensive to even aspire to, even if they had been at all sexy.

Now is different. I know people who change their phones as often as their underwear. So is that sexy?

Do women find guys with the latest Nokia, Motorola or Erickson to be irresistible? Would you dump someone if their phone had a crap camera?

Just asking?