Wet Pantines At Lunch

By | August 29, 2008

Today the weather changed for the better, it has been changeable lately mostly showers and dull days but today the sun came out. Along with it came an uplift in my spirit, it’s amazing how the weather can affect your outlook.

The morning passed uneventfully at work and I left the office as I normally do to go and get a sandwich at the greasy spoon. My muse wasn’t in today, do you know she has the clearest sky blue eyes and a lovely smile… 🙂

I bought my sandwich and returned to the car which I park in a quiet residential bay close by. Sandwich finished I felt like something else. No a cake or anything like that, I felt a little bit like some naughtiness.

As I reached for the glove box and the small collection of toys I keep in there, I realised that I had cleaned the car over the weekend and whilst sorting out the interior I had removed all its contents. Bugger!

No point in looking for my small vibe or my clit stimulator because they were at home. I could have kicked myself as I mumbled “dick head” under my breath.

Then as if by magic, it occurred to me that I have fingers and what are they for? What did I use before clit stimulators and vibrators. 😉 You get so used to reaching for the appropriate adult toy to fulfil your needs that you forget that you have perfectly formed tools for the job on the end of your arms. Lol

I turned on the radio and pushed back against the seat, allowing my legs to part and my bottom to slide forward. A quick look round to check if anyone was around and I started to push my skirt up with my fingers giggling to myself at the thought of pleasuring myself.

My panties were soon hitched to one side, g-strings are good for that. 😉 I was warm and moist, the gusset of my thong was wet as I pushed it towards my left thigh. For some strange reason using my fingers instead of the clit vibe I normally use made me feel even more aroused than normal.

The feel of my own touch instead of silicone was very arousing. I located my clit with my right middle finger, it was swollen and engorged I couldn’t miss it. 😉 A moan escaped my lips as I began to move my clit from side to side and my eyes closed.

I opened them again quickly, checking the area around the car…nobody was around. Good! My clit was enlivened and more sensitive than when I first started to play with it. I ran my finger around in circles pressing slightly as I went. My nerve endings began to fire and I was becoming very wet.

To enhance the stimulation I increased the speed of my clit circles, that did the trick. I could feel the tingling in my feet and the base of my spine. It was close to coming. A few more rubs from side to side and it happened. An earth moving, breath taking, leg shaking orgasm exploded within me.

My hand was wet with my own cum as I gave my clit one last roll. It was too much, the sensitivity made my body jolt and me hold my breath. Another clitgasm was out of the question.

It was a good job, the clock was telling me it was time to go back to work. Then I realised that there were no tissues in the car either. I licked my fingers clean, pulled down my skirt and adjusted myself.

Right, work here I cum…