Good Night For A Noisy Bang

By | November 6, 2011

Lucy PinderYesterday night is known traditionally as Bonfire Night, the night when Guido or as we know him, Guy Fawkes attempted to execute his plot to blow up the Houses Of Parliament. You can read all about it here.

The historical event is marked every year by setting off fireworks and in the weeks preceding Bonfire Night collecting money by parading an effigy of Guy around the streets and collecting money for purchasing the fireworks. Kids all over the UK call out “penny for the Guy” as people cast coins in to collection boxes.

For me it is not just a visual feast as we watch the skies around us filled with explosions of colour but a good time for having a shag.

You all just shouted “why” didn’t you.

Because Suze is quite noisy in the bedroom and when there are other external distractions like this and thunder I revel in being able to vocalise my pleasure without restraint.

Yesterday wasn’t so good for the cat though, he was extremely nervous. Poor quivering pussy.