Perfect Porn Browser

By | August 29, 2008

Have you ever been a little nervous about using your browser, just in case your spouse, sibling or work colleague happens to check up on you? Well, you can now browse porn to your heart’s content. Well, so long as your place of work doesn’t monitor your activity via their firewall/proxy server, because Microsoft want to help you browse porn!

Yes you read that right. I came across this a few days ago. The next version of Internet Explorer will have a special “Porn Mode”, officially it’s called “InPrivate Browsing” and allows you to control how much if any of your browsing history is saved and what cookies are discarded at the end of your browsing session.

Of course there are good reasons for this enhancement to IE8. Some sites drop tracking cookies on your PC to track your browsing habits and with the last few versions of IE you’ve not been able to manually remove them from the cookie database as you could in earlier versions because Microsoft decided to lock them away for security reasons. Now you can apparently delete specific parts of your browser history and individual cookies too.

But let’s face it, what do you think that “InPrivate Browsing” will be used for most of the time?