Porn From The Posty

By | August 29, 2008

I got home tonight and found two items on the doormat that made me consider the sort of deliveries that we get these days. Most of our bills are paid online so we don’t get much paper correspondence. Our friends communicate either face-to-face, on the phone or via email and so the vast majority of our mail consists of junk … and one other type of mail.


We have packages full of toys, naughty magazines, letters from our online partners and tonight a jiffy bag stuffed with lubes, cleansing wipes and a surprise free toy from one of our newest associates.

In addition to that I got a letter the solicitor acting on behalf of one of the publishing houses we’re involved with.

Quite different from the boring rubbish we used to get.

However while most people are careful about what appears on the outside of the envelopes, we got one yesterday that really pissed me off. A press agency had addressed a letter to me, but with the name of one of the bloody sites just under my name! Which reminds me, I have a strongly worded email to write.

Just one of the perils of porn 😛