CFNM, What Does That Mean?

By | July 28, 2006

Until recently I had no idea what this acronym stood for. The best part about it, is that I have unknowingly taken part in this activity. Not just once but several times in public, as well as at home. 😉

For those who are currently shouting at the screen, “what the fuck is she talking about?”. CFNM, stands for Crazy Female and Naughty Male. Haha, no I’m just kidding. It stands for Clothed Female Naked Male.

CFNM encompasses many different flavours of this activity, including exhibitionism and domination and erotic humiliation. I will be picking up one thread with this one but if you want to read up on the subject, there is some good reading and links to be had here, CFNM

Do you get the scenario now? I’m not sure what percentage of the female poplulation have been to see male strippers but I guess it would be quite high. I started to go with female friends in my early twenties. Boy, did we have some fun nights out. It truly was “Look out boys!”

The first one that I went to was in the backroom of a nightclub and about 99.9% female audience. I chose a seat near to the back behind a pillar. Silly me thought I would be safe there. After all the stripper is going to “play” with the girls at the front. Uh, uh! Not the case. It seems they target the more reserved members of the audience. Girls just like me! (Well, I had to be young and naïve once. LOL)

We got ourselves seated with drinks and waited for the party to commence. The first stripper made his entrance to girls screaming, whistling, clapping. The noise died down and he began his routine. I can’t remember the music he performed to but I do recall he was dressed as a Fireman. That light my fire straight away, I love uniforms and naked men. So, Naked Men + Uniforms = A Happy Suzanne. 🙂

He gyrated and generally played up to the ladies on the front row, who were dieing to get their hands on him. He threw off his coat, tore off his shirt and lowered his braces. All to the mad cheers and whistles from the front row.

Then he jumped down in to the audience and started gyrating his groin in front of the girls sat at the tables just to the front of where we were sitting. He eventually gestured to one of the quieter ladies that she could pull his trousers off. She grabbed hold and ripped them clean off his body. Don’t you just love Velcro?

The girl’s face was a picture, she went bright red and tried to cover her face with her hands. She was giggling wildly and her friends were egging her on. She was clearly a Striptease virgin, just like me.

Mr Hose continued to circulate the room, giving a girl a rub here and allowing a hand there. He was now walking around sporting a…now don’t laugh…knitted dinkle and not a small one at that. I assumed, as you do, that it was stuffed because he was a very blessed man in deed. 🙂

My heart skipped a beat when I noticed him home in our table and sure as hell he stated to make his way over. I began to wish that the earth would open up and swallow me whole. (I know, that’s just how innocent I was). Paula, glanced at me with a look of terror as the guy reached our table. I smiled nervously as all heads turned to look at our table. My face started to become very warm and was probably glowing like a beacon.

Paula just sat rigid in her seat, hoping not to catch any attention as he siddled up behind me. He was now rubbing up on my back and at one point I think I got it in my ear. He moved to the side of me and started to gyrate his hips, his stuffed cock warmer swaying from side to side. He then began to motion towards his groin with his hand.

I took up the queue, even though embarrassed and probably still visibly glowing. After all with everyone watching and urging me to remove it, what else could I do. He was now stood with his hands on his hips, pelvis tilted in my direction and smiling.

I reached out my right hand and firmly grabbed hold of the tip and began to pull. Ahhh! He cried out. “That’s my cock!” he exclaimed. Strange he wasn’t smiling now. It transpired that what I thought was a creative bit of knitting, was him. Now, I was glowing.

So, any ladies out there fancy a night on the town with me?…

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