The Bisexual Threesome`s Climax

By | November 10, 2011

Lesbian Layer CakeA three parter about a prolonged threesome over on Kinky Halo.

“I did as I was told and had the shirt ripped off my body by the two women. Andi faced the top of the bed and squatted over my face, Trish rode my dick, engulfing it in her wet, hot, swollen pussy so I simply enjoyed the ride. Trish was feeling particularly horny, her nails clawing at my chest. Andi was in need of some more tongue action and rubbed her pussy up and down over my mouth and nose. I got to taste her from clit to ass and every millimetre in between. She tasted of herself and my cum, mingled in an erotic cocktail. Although she didn’t seem ready to cum again she was having fun just smothering me with her cunt.”

Here is the rest.