Hot Wife’s Cock Delivery Part 1

By | August 31, 2008

“How much!” Edward stared at the total on the invoice in disbelief. “How the hell did she manage to run this account up on groceries? She’s not started on the cooking sherry has she?” It was half joke half serious enquiry.

“I’m afraid we aren’t as cheap as the supermarkets but you must realise that our produce is ethically produced and for the most part organic. From local farms too so its carbon footprint is very … “. Mrs Forsythe’s voice trailed off, Mr Collins wasn’t listening just shaking his head and fumbling in his wallet for his credit card.

“It’s not your fault, she’s signed for all this bloody stuff.” He handed over his card and tapped in his PIN. “And yes your food is very good.” Mr Collins smiled and left.

Mrs Forsyth picked up the phone behind the counter and dialled quickly. Pick up, pick up she thought to herself as she heard Mr Collin’s BMW roar into life and speed off.

“Janet it’s Margaret … You husband’s just been in and he thought this month’s bill was excessive … yes he did pay but he’s a little miffed, mention to him that I called and as a gesture of goodwill I’ll discount next month’s bill by ten percent … you’re welcome, my dear you are such a good customer I wouldn’t want to loose you … yes same as usual, tomorrow at ten. Goodbye.”


Janet lay on the bed in the master bedroom, naked except for her white camisole and silk kickers. She listened to the sound of Edward clattering around in the walk-in wardrobe.

“Have you seen my new gloves?”

“What new gloves?”

“The ones I bought while I was at Saint Andrews.”

She rolled her eyes, didn’t he have enough golf paraphernalia without a new set of gloves every few weeks, shoes every few months, a new iron … well she had her indulgences.

“It’s alright, I’ve found them.”

She rolled onto her side to face the wardrobe door, D-cup breasts jostling for position, threatening to spill out of her camisole.

Collin emerged and pecked her on the cheek. “See you later dear, about four-ish I think, the captain wants to discuss a few things with me.”

“OK, bye then …” her words were spoken to his back as he trotted out of the bedroom and off to his regular Saturday appointment with his mistress the golf club.

She looked at the clock, 09:35. She had enough time … her hand slipped inside her knickers and onto her mound, trimmed to a Brazilian, neat and tidy. She would have preferred a Hollywood, but then Edward would have had a fit. He was very traditional and it had taken him a while to get used to her waxing as it was. Not that he ever gave it a close inspection.

Her humidity increased, deep in the valley between her thighs, middle finger parting her swelling folds, seeking out the path to joy. Then she stopped herself. No, wait, better to wait.

At ten sharp the doorbell rang, Janet opened the door a few moments later. She had dressed in a thin white cotton summer dress and sandals. “Hello James.” She said with a warm smile. “Bring it through.”

James the store’s delivery boy lugged the large box of groceries through to the kitchen and placed it on one of the granite work surfaces. Janet watched the muscles in his arms as he moved, gliding over one another under his sun-kissed skin. He had on a black T-shirt, blue jeans and white trainers. The T-shirt was too small for him, deliberate she was sure, hugging every curve of his firm, muscular torso, exposing his belly just above the waistband of his jeans.

James began to unpack the box but Janet stopped him “I’ll do that later. Come with me.”. He was surprised, she usually liked to watch him stretch and bend as he put away her purchases.

Today was different. Janet took the twenty year old’s hand and led him to her bedroom.

“Undress.” She instructed, watching as he peeled off his clothes. He smiled, he liked this call, she knew what she wanted and she wasn’t bad looking either. And he liked big breasts. Janet was particularly enticing as she was a petite woman, five feet to his six-two, but blessed with a full chest and responsive nipples.

Janet waited until he stood in front of her, naked and with a gratifyingly swollen cock swinging between his legs. His legs were spread slightly for effect, though the impressive size of his thick, veined cock needed little assistance to solicit a wide-eyed look of appreciation from Janet. She’d seen him undressed more times than she cared to mention but it still thrilled her.

Janet walked up to James, almost touching him, but not quite. She could smell him, sweat, musk, man. “You need a shower.”

She watched as the water streamed down his skin, her view semi-obscured by the shower door. Bubbles following his hands as he applied the soap she had given him to his body. She managed to contain herself for a couple of minutes, the heat between her legs increasing, but soon she could no longer resist the smouldering looks he flashed at her and relented.

She slid back the door of the shower and, still fully clothed stepped inside and into James’ arms.

To be concluded, tomorrow.