Celebrity Love Juice

By | November 12, 2011

Holly WilloghbyI discovered this little gem of a show featuring the incredibly funny and dirty minded Keith Lemon just this year and wished I had been watching years ago.  For those of you haven’t watched the show it’s a panel show built around current events in the world of celebrity with celebrity guests and it works very well.

You get to see the side of otherwise angelic people like the gorgeous Holly Willoughby and Fern Cotton who you soon discover have in the words of Keith “potty mouths”.  You will never view either of these girls the same once you have seen them.

There have been some really naughty moments on the show but one of the classic ones of the show.  Picture this…

…a butternut squash.

Ok, up to now.

…Keith holding it firmly against his groin and gesticulating to camera.   Then comes his request for Holly to kiss him down there on his balls, meaning the base of the vegetable.

Holly considers the proposition and the promise of an extra point and for a moment I thought she would decline Keith’s attempts to entice her towards his groin area.

Then she leans over and gives him a big red glossy kiss on his virtual nuts to the raucous laughter of the studio guests and audience.

Now I’ve got you hooked and I’m sorry to say that Thursday’s show was the last in the series.  This could be because Leigh Szaak Francis (Keith  Lemon) is currently filming a new movie.  But the good news is that they are about to release a DVD with the bits from Celebrity Juice they couldn’t show on television.

As soon as I know what it is called and have a release date I will post it up.  Thursday nights just aren’t going to be the same…