Jungle Babe Jessica’s 30E’s

By | November 13, 2011

Jessica Jane ClementI can quite proudly say I have never watched an episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and I don’t…didn’t intend to watch it either.

You noticed I said didn’t, didn’t you?  Lol

This year’s line up of Z list celebs is fairly unsavoury and certainly won’t be know by most of the demograph who tune in to watch because they will most probably be the same age as their parents.  But ITV have done their usual thing and secured a couple of pieces of eye candy to please both sexes.

Something for the ladies…this year sees TOWIE’s Mark Wright taking part.  That’s another series I have only looked at for 5 minutes before getting brain ache.  Lol  But I’m sure the girls will be tuning in to watch Mr Wright in the shower.

And the guys are going to be getting a little hot under the collar as Jessica-Jane Clement goes native.  Just read a story in The Sun about her being prepared with her skimpy Brazilian bikini’s and a good waxing.

I must admit I think I may have to tune in if she decides to take a shower.  If you watch keep me posted.  ;0