Suze Bent Over The Desk

By | September 1, 2008

You know how it is. It’s Monday and the last thing you really want on your agenda is work, but you’re at work and you have to at least pretend to be interested. The problem is I have these images floating through my head you see …

We’ve been reviewing quite a lot of bondage related stuff recently, bondage rope, restraints and the latest is a book about a “London Spank Daddy“. That’s not the sort of thing that used to get me going, but because of a change in me or perhaps the exposure to the toys and the literature I find myself thinking all sorts of strange thoughts.

You see this morning I was considering a complex issue we have to deal with and kept getting distracted by the thought of Suze walking into my office and explaining that she’d not posted some document or other and that she really needed a reprimand. Now that’s odd in itself as Suze and I don’t work for the same company any more. But what’s also odd is that she doesn’t own a set of six inch high heels and stockings with seams up the back – a la 1940’s pin-up girl. Nor does she tend to hitch up her tight pencil skirt and lean over the desk offering her ass for me to spank while I’m at work.

So as you can see I’ve been reading some powerful literature recently.

Funny how your tastes change isn’t it …

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