Sex At Lunchtime And Other Illicit Pleasures

By | September 1, 2008

I’ve been indulging in an illicit pleasure recently. Sex at lunchtime. Not literally, sadly, but in the form of erotic literature, written Erotic literature. That’s right real books, paper and ink not this new-fangled online stuff.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that we have a number of naughty books to review. I’ve been reading at work, at lunchtime. I can only do this at one of my clients as there I have a private office with an electronic security lock. The sound of beeping means I have just enough time to be slip any book I’m reading under the paperwork on my desk before any interlopers enter the room.

It kind of adds to the excitement. Like reading a dirty book when you’re a kid and keeping one eye out in case someone finds you at it.

Of course it’s for a reason, erotic book reviews at Sex Toys Buzz, but you can’t blame me for enjoying it. The problem recently is that one of my colleagues has been working with me so it’s been difficult to get as much reading in as I would have liked. You never know, he may be interested in reading one himself …

… I’ll ask him tomorrow.