Ride Her Cowboy!

By | September 1, 2008

Sex comes in so many different flavours, even in heterosexual sex between two people it is never the same twice. You can try different positions, different locations, dressing up and role playing, but what counts is how you feel when you’re engaged in sex.

An outfit might help you get in the mood and role play can add a little spice occasionally, but however you get your sexual head in the right place it’s that grey matter between the ears that dictates how you’ll make love and how you and your partner will feel.

I’m not one for rough sex for example. Vigorous and enthusiastic yes, but rough – not normally. There are times when I do get rather forceful. I wouldn’t intentionally hurt Suze and there’s always a line that I wouldn’t cross. Sometimes I’ll pin her down and restrain her. Suze of course reacts with mock struggles and is easily subdued by an insistent rogering. From time to time we always enjoy a little contrast in our love play.

That brings me to the point of my post.

We were in bed a couple of weeks ago and I was feeling horny for a change. I had rolled her onto her side, almost face down on the bed and pressed my rock hard cock against her swollen wet labia. As I entered her pussy and her lips opened to accept my dripping cock I was taken over by the sensation of wet flesh rubbing across my sensitive, swollen glans.

I thrust into her not too fast but firm and as deep as I could go. Suze gasped with surprise and soon responded with lustful moans and a counter-thrust from her hips. Then it happened. I started to spank Suze. Not particularly hard, just about a dozen stinging strokes across her buttocks.

The position was perfect, so often I’ve had the urge to give Suze a quick slap across her shapely ass cheeks, but realised that the angle was wrong and the effect would be lost with a clumsy blow. That night everything was right and I was in the mood to administer some passion-fuelled spanks.

She cried out every time my palm and fingers landed. Not objecting, but accepting, indeed welcoming the new and intense sensation. The force I was applying to each slap was enough to make my fingers tingle and because of the dim light in the bedroom my mind had to paint a picture of the developing hand marks on her naked flesh.

Suze suddenly became much wetter, her inner thighs running with her rich, aromatic fluids. She groaned and panted her orgasm, pushing her own face into the pillow, hand gripping the bedclothes. I felt the sudden inevitability of my orgasm overtake my reason and self-control. There was no holding on the brink and extending the moment of ecstasy I came moments after her panting from my exertions.

I shuddered with a pink and blue orgasm and lay across her for a few moments before rolling behind her, mindful to ensure my cock stayed inside her while we both let our heartrates fall. I love doing that, staying physically and emotionally connected at the same time until eventually I slipped out of her and we had to submit to the practicalities of getting cleaned up.

As I followed Suze to the bathroom I admired my handiwork on her ass, the multiple criss-crossed lines of my fingers developing on her skin and a red glow on her spanked backside.