Fucked In A Flash

By | November 19, 2011

Naked Against A TreeMy hand is cold from the autumn air. I’ve already pushed her up against the tree. I push my palm between the soft skin of her belly and the waistband of her jeans. My mouth is pressed against hers, my tongue probing inside and dominating hers.

My fingers slide closer to the prize and just as I push inside the waistband of her tiny panties I can move no further. Trapped only millimetres from her little bud I am frustrated. But in a moment her hands have flipped open the button and slid the zip down.

My cool fingertips are on her clit now. She shudders under their icy touch and pushes her hips towards me. The weight of her body holds her against the bark. Her arms slip around my back, under my thick coat and cocooned within it she submits to my probing hand.

Her pussy is hot and moist, her clitoris sensitive to even the slightest touch. I want to pull up her top and suck on her dark brown nipples but I have a job to do first.

She is starting to moan and buck so I slide my middle and ring finger between her hairless labia and into her hot opening. My fingers hook round fingering her G Spot and slowly massage it with firm strokes. My palm presses against her clit and she grinds herself against it squirming from the sensations inside and out.

My hands is awash with the juices in her damp crotch and when I think it can’t get cany wetter she cums, shuddering, moans muffled by our deep kiss and goes limp against the tree.