Barmaid’s Breasts

By | September 2, 2008

Wanker BeerThere’s something about having a pint pulled the old fashioned way that can’t be matched by the electric pumps or bottled beers that are so popular. There’s nothing like a firm hand grasping the pump lever and pulling that obviously phallic device to produce a jet of frothy liquid. And all that with a slight bend forward from your well-endowed pump mistress in her low-cut top.

I assumed there’d be loads of rude beer names to incorporate into this post but I must be losing my grip as I can’t find that much except the rather bemused looking woman above.

Perhaps I need a student in the second year of a chemistry degree to help me find them. Not because of their scientific knowledge, but because in my experience when they’re not passed out on a half naked fresher they’re propped up in a dingy pub sampling the latest delights of the local micro-breweries. What I did find is this on the Camra website:

“100 Belgian Beers to try before you die.”

Might I suggest that sampling 100 Belgian beers might just be the reason you die, if you were to try them all at once. However about halfway through I’m sure even the ropiest of barmaids would start to look easier on the eye.

So in the absence of any weirder names I’ll have to stick to the Old Peculiar … or maybe even get a special batch of one student favourite re-brewed. How’s this sound, instead of “Roger and Out” how about “Roger Her, In And Out”?

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