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By | September 2, 2008

Google ChromeThe Google Chrome Browser

I’ve been waiting all day to download the Chrome browser from Google. I’m not a fan of Google as such but as we have four sites and browse the Internet constantly I feel I have to download it to try as a user and webmaster (for compatibility testing). Frankly this could turn into a bloody nightmare if people start using it in large numbers and it turns out to be slightly incompatible with some features of one or more of the sites we run.

Could be worse, we could still be on Internet Explorer 4 😛

Google are making some very bold claims about the browser. Specifically that all browser windows and the multiple process threads within them are fully sandboxed to ensure that if you do get onto a malign site you’re browser is inherently protected from some forms of attack.

My worry with regard to the new browser is for things like plugins like Macromedia Flash. I assume they have Flash working already because without that YouTube is just useless. But other stuff … who knows?

Maybe I’m being a little paranoid about compatibility though. Some websites still don’t work properly with Firefox after all this time.

Then there’s the problem of the aggressive phishing filter they’re promising. Will it be accurate? Will their systems cope with updating the databases of naughty sites and what happens if your site gets marked as a bad boy and you have to appeal to Google. Will they be as unresponsive as Google/Blogger usually are to queries and complaints.

Is this going to get in the way of serious porn browsing, or even quite innocent browsing if it all goes pear shaped?

Anyway, exciting times for web developers. And Internet users for that matter.

I wonder if they’ll break Firefox’s record downloads in a single day?

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