Check Out My Pipe

By | November 20, 2011

Tomorrow is the 113th birthday of Rene Magritte surrealist artists. One of his most famous paintings “Ceci N’est pas une pipe” had me thinking again. The contradiction and clarification in the image is so appropriate for sex blogging.

The contradiction is of course that a sex blog, like the painting of a pipe by Magritte is not the thing itself. A blog cannot represent the sex life of the author in the same way that a painting of a pipe is not in itself a pipe.

The clarification comes with the legend inscribed below the pipe, or in the case of a sex blog the disclaimer that sometimes accompanies the posts. “This is not a pipe” tells the viewer what they already know, that the image of a pipe is a representation of a pipe. No matter how accurate a depiction of the object a painting is always that, a painting, two dimensional and somewhat less than the original, or at least different in that it is an interpretation of the real thing.

The same is true of sex blogs. No matter how skilful the writing or accurate the descriptions, either by default or design no sex blogger can or would be willing to expose their entire private life to public gaze.

Yes they may tell you about their darkest desires and deepest longings, but you will always be restricted in what you are allowed to read.

And that’s how it should be. After all even sex bloggers have a right to a little bit of privacy. LOL