Exotica Erotica

By | November 21, 2011

Erotica 2011 Olympia LondonSo what did I get up to this weekend?  I went to an adult show in London, Erotica 2011 to be precise.

We arrived in London after a rather lengthy train ride with our large case and the prospect of another 20 minute journey on the subway to reach our final destination, the Olympia Hilton.

Little did we know that we were about to embark on an epic journey via broken signals and engineering works which would see the journey taking us two hours in total.  Just what we needed after a long train journey.

Eventually we made it to the hotel and up to the 7th floor room.  Both of us were tired and hungry and eager to get to the show as it was now about 5pm.  The room was warm and Alex tried to adjust the air con but it was blowing hot air.

After an engineer inspected the air con we decided a room move was best as it was not just blowing heated air but making an awful noise now too.  We relocated to a quiet room on the 6th floor, quickly unpacked and made our way to the show.

It was now 6pm and Erotica was due to finish at 9pm and we were starting to wonder if we should skip it and go the following day.  But we decided to go in and were stunned by the cost for entry.  It was £30 to get in, that would work out to £10 per hour – each! –  as they weren’t prepared to give us a reduced cost entry.

Alex paid them and we made our way in.  There appeared to be a lot of empty space downstairs and the hall itself was reminiscent of an indoor market.  The stands were fairly basic and there was no decoration in the main hall at all.

I was now starting to wonder if we would be able to see everything in our 3 hour visit without the need to come back….