Bondage On TV

By | September 3, 2008

Big Brother SaraI watched part of the Big Brother coverage on TV last night and was rather amused. Not by the camera-aware media savvi house mates and their obsession with fame, but with a comment made by several of the housemates over a piece of clothing.

The clothing in question was owned by Sara, the Australian housemate with an accent that could cut glass and a volume control that goes up to eleven. One of the other contestants had found a “sleep mask” from Ann Summers.

Several of the other contestants, including the odious Rex, decided it was “part of a set” and implied that Sara was into a bit of bondage.

Several things spring to mind.

Firstly, if she is, so what?

Second, Ann Summers is not the place that most BDSMers go for kit, it’s too mainstream and frankly bland, even in the underwear sections. You can get nicer quality and wider variety from lots of “mainstream” retailers.

Thirdly, why did everyone turn into school kids when the subject was brought up. They have all had sex – I hope (even if it was on their own. Lol) – and they must be aware that not everyone is totally vanilla. I mean we all experiment to a greater or lesser degree. For me, to find out that someone is in a D/s relationship, or BDSM, or is gay or bi or poly is just another piece of information about them, like where they work, or what their hobbies are. It’s interesting to find out a person’s sexual preferences, but it doesn’t make me feel the urge to adopt a teasing tone and start looking for stereotypical jibes to use.

If the housemates had done the same on finding out someone was gay they would have been severely reprimanded or even evicted.

I’m not suggesting that Sara does indulge in BDSM, or that it’s wrong to have a bit of fun about sex, as that would be taking things a little too seriously. However it did highlight that even in these supposedly enlightened times where pretty much everyone under 30 has seen Internet porn and probably at least discussed alternate sexualities, some people still feel the need to act like this.

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