Living The Dream – Part 1 of 2

By | June 13, 2006

Two weeks ago…

The email read:

We have now received your final payment against Personal Fanatasy #111872. Details of implementation will follow within 4 working days.

>May we take this opportunity of thanking you for your valued custom and we hope you will revisit us in the near future for further enjoyment.

>Yours sincerely

>M Preston

>Marketing Desk

I asked Alex what this email was all about and he simply and rather dismissively replied that he was setting up something special for his fathers 60th Birthday. With that I thought no more about it. Alex was so thoughtful and his father has always been so welcoming to me from day one, I was never made to feel uncomfortable when I visited his parents house. If anything they went out of the way to make me feel comfortable and tried a little too hard. But I’m not complaining because I know potential inlaws can be, well set of arseholes. I suppose you are all out there thinking that is putting it politely. 🙂

Today was another beautiful hot and sunny day. Yes, it can be nice in the UK occasionally and this June has been exceptionally hot and dry. Here is where I am going to do what the English do best and say it’s been a little too hot lately.

Alex left for work around 8:30am after a quick shag on the landing outside the bedroom. Ok, I feel I need to explain this one. The bed frame has taken to squeaking (maybe a bit too much action) and for some reason the floorboards in our room have come out in sympathy and squeak too. So the nearest and quietest spot at the moment (until the situation is resolved with a big hammer LOL) is to come out on to the landing on top of an old duvet. Which needs a bit of a wash as it’s looking a little like spotty dog with all the cum stains on it. I know too much information.

He left for work shortly after our quickie and a cup of tea with toast and marmalade. Got to look after him and keep his strength up. I took my tea upstairs and climbed back under the covers and started to watch the news. No point in rushing out of bed these days, me having no job to go to. The days are long enough already. Unfortunately most of the neighbours work or are retired.
I drank my tea and settled back against the bedhead to take in the day’s headlines. I started drift off and my eyelids began to close. The next thing I knew there was someone knocking of the door. I quickly jumped out of bed, a tad bewildered as you are when suddenly woken from sleep. Grabbing my red satin robe I wrapped it around me and made my way downstairs. Through the obscured glass in top of the front door I could make out the shape of two people, possibly guys, as I descended.

“Ok, I’m on my way”, I shouted from the top of the stairs. I placed the key from the console table into the lock and turned, as I did so the door flew open and the next thing I knew was my head being cloaked in a dark hood and the bottom drawn up with a cord. It had a slightly musty damp smell about it. Arms took a hold of me, I wasn’t sure how many and I must have let out a scream as a voice said “don’t make any noise and you’ll be fine.” I didn’t recognise the accent, could it have been Mancunian?

My arms were pushed behind my back and someone was binding them firmly with what felt like leather restraints. “Please don’t hurt me”, I pleaded hoping for mercy from my captors. “We won’t lady, providing you stay calm and don’t try anything clever”, said another of the men. His voice was local, definitely a Yorkshire man. Did I know that voice? No, the accent just sounded familiar. All of this had happened so quickly that I didn’t really have the time to panic or take in the true gravity of the situation. I had to think logically.

My legs were now being bound with restraints and pulled together in the middle with a locking clip, I heard it snap in to place as my legs were forced together. My weight was suddenly being taken from the floor and someone was bundling me over their shoulder. “Right, you take her to the car and we’ll lock up”, said the first voice, which gave away it’s origins. It was a husk quite sexy Tyneside accent. So, there were probably three or more of them.

I somehow didn’t want to scream, after all they had been very gentle with me up to now. “What is it you want?”, “we don’t have any money”, I protested as I struggled to break my bonds. “Be quiet, you’ll find out …”, came the reply from the third person, the voice being unfamiliar to me. It may sound strange but I didn’t really feel threatened at all by these guys. Call it adrenalin rush if you like, they had shown no hostility or aggression towards me up to now.

My heart was beating fast and I’m sure the one who now had me hanging over his shoulder would be able to feel it resonate through his scapula. Surely they wouldn’t carry me in broad daylight to a waiting car with a bag over my head? Not in broad daylight. The door closed and was carried down the driveway to a waiting car. Supposing everyone was at work and the others were in bed or at the golf course, nobody would see me.

I was placed on a hard surface and then the lid came crashing down. This must be the boot closing. I could smell exhaust fumes and my head hit the hard shell of the car as I adjusted myself to try and get comfortable, well less uncomfortable. It now came to me all I was wearing was my robe, no footwear, no panties or bra. The car started moving and I must admit that I was now aware of the stickiness of my thighs as they rubbed together with the sway of the car. I was wet! I was actually getting off on this. Was I wrong to feel so turned on?

As the car rounded the left bend out of my street I pushed myself against the sides of the car to avoid rolling around. Someone turned on the radio. “and I never saw the sudden curve till it was way too”, belted out Meatloaf. The volume was swiftly turned up and I could no longer here what was being said, the voices were far too muffled. My heart was still racing in my chest and my excitement was now becoming very much physical. I could feel my pussy pulsing as the cold air penetrated the opening in my robe.

I tried desperately to follow the cars path, mapping each turn but I soon lost my bearings for the desire within was taking over my whole body. Why was I feeling so aroused? Surely anyone else in my position would not be feeling like this. But they didn’t intend to hurt me, they said so. If they wanted to hurt or rape me they would have done so in the house. I reasoned away every reservation and fear I encountered as it arrived.

The car turned, stopped and started and the music was playing loud and I just wished that I could loosen one hand for a moment and run my fingers between my beating lips. My breathing was almost in synch with my heart beat, fast and excited. I could now smell smoke as it drifted through the back seats and in to the boot. So at least one of them smoked. But not the guy who carried me over his shoulder, I couldn’t smell any tobacco on him.

My right arm was now beginning to get tingly and ache from being laid on. I shuffled and turned on to my other side. The robe around me got wrapped underneath my body and I was almost totally exposed. My nipples began to harden as the left one brushed the carpeted floor of the boot. I had the overwhelming desire to fuck and be fucked, hair pulling, ass slapping, deep thrusting fucking. I wondered what these guys looked like. Were they tall hard muscled and able to fuck you whilst suspending you in mid air. I tried to stop myself from thinking about sex but it was becoming more and more difficult.

Alex and I had only fucked a short while before and here I was desperate to feel a hard cock inside me again. Not just any old cock but perhaps one of my assailants. Would he grab me out of the car, take me inside and place me over a table. Then fuck my brains out from behind? Or was I being taken to someone who wanted to screw me? Was I being kidnapped for sex? This thought fuelled the fire which already burned fierce and hot between my legs. I felt like an animal needing to be satiated to be impregnated with someone’s seed. To lick hot cum from the cock which had just fucked me so hard.

“Never felt so good, it never felt so right”… Meatloaf belted out. The car was still hurtling along. How long we had been travelling now, I had no idea. Maybe twenty minutes, this track is near to the end of the CD. God, who cares, there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to go along with what they ask of me and keep quiet.

To be concluded …

This story originates from two source most recently Miss Understood and her post “Freaky Fantasies”. But also there’s the master of the genre Simon Kade ;).