Cyber Orgy

By | September 3, 2008

Well today has been a cyber orgy of sorts in the browser world as everyone and their grandmother attempted to load the Chome Browser from Google … including me. I’ve tested all four sites:

And the all seem to work fine with the new browser from the nice people at Google. Plugins work fine and I suspect all Firefox compatible plugins should work OK, though I’ve yet to run through them all.

However there’s an apparent problem. First I thought it was me, but I’ve searched the web and found that Chrome doesn’t seem to want anything to do with third party toolbars. In fact it doesn’t want to install the Google toolbar, which is bizarre, and tries a half-hearted install of the Firefox version before falling over.

One thing I have found is the “Incognito” mode for browsing without leaving a history … I wonder what that might be used for?

I had to laugh, when you open a new Chrome Incognito window the browser warns you to be wary of people and programmes stealing your information, like “secret agents”. Would that be Google Secret agents recording your browser history?

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