Sex For Free And All The Fantasies You Can Imagine

By | November 24, 2011

Amanda Barrie, Carry On CleoIt’s a fact that when it comes to sex the British have always had a dual personality when it comes to sex. On one hand they purport to regard it as dirty and unspeakable, and on the other hand they watch Carry On movies. And nobody can tell me that the attraction of Carry On films is the sophisticated humour and innovative plotlines.

In one way or another I think it applies to every country on the globe. I think that not because I’ve met a representative group from every one of those nations, but I do get stats for our sites and see visitors from almost every sovereign state on the planet.

Particularly interesting is the large number of people visiting the Adult Blog Hub site from Macedonia at the moment. For such a small nation they have an awful lot of people who like sex blogs. Those Macedonias will now be enjoying our RSS fed section Sex-Press. Lots of blogs over there for you to feast your naughty eyes on.

Pop across and take a look at Adult Blog Hub and Sex-Press, it’s where all the best Macedonians are.