More Anal Sex

By | November 26, 2011

Pre PeggingAs I’ve mentioned many times before being in this relationship with Alex has been a sexual voyage of discovery. We had been open, honest with a deep sense of trust to be able to at least discuss our sexual desires old and new and in most cases carry them out. I’m still working on the anal side of our sexual forays, still fairly new to the experience. Which in a way is good because it is something which I know I have to practice and perfect because I know that the end result will give me pleasure.

With Alex however it is a different experience, he is relaxed enough to be able to enjoy the pleasures of prostate stimulation and mature enough not to worry about being seen to be “gay” as some guys may see it. He likes to indulge in anal play and as an eager and loving partner I love to both be party to it and observe, finding both a real turn on.

I’ve never engaged with a male partner who is so comfortable with his sexuality that he has engaged in anal play. It is all new and exciting to me and I never tire of watching him play, there are some really wonderful prostate massagers out there so you guys go for it.

I think there is a general misconception out there that if you play with toys as a male you are gay and if you are a girl then the male is not fulfilling your needs. This is complete tosh, toys can be an accompaniment to sexual play in the bedroom not a threat to your significant other.

Pegging is something which interests me deeply because I can take the role of the male in our relationship and get the satisfaction of giving instead of receiving. I can only describe the feeling as enjoying giving presents at Christmas as much as receiving them. 😉

I have only pegged Alex with the Share dildo and small strap on we reviewed a while ago but I would love to try it again with a strap-on designed for entering your male partner. Sorry if I have left you wondering what I’m talking about, pegging means you wear a strap on other similar toy to enter your male partner anally.

That’s the trouble with being involved in the adult world so closely, you assume your readers know everything you do. That’s why I feel the need to share I suppose. Lol