Screwing Every Way You Can Think Of

By | November 27, 2011

Two Girls Having FunWhen I start off writing a piece, either for this blog or for other places I usually have a plan of what I’m going to write. Sometimes it’s a very rough plan and other times I know, step by  step, the way in which the writing will flow out onto the page to have the desired effect on the reader.

I don’t mind whether a piece of writing goes as planned so long as I’m happy with the result. A case in point was an erotic story I just wrote for publication yesterday. If it had been an article I would have had a brief and therefore a much more rigid and structured idea of the finished product required. As it was I had just had one story printed by the publication and had total freedom (within their content guidelines) to let my imagination run free.

I actually started off writing one story and realised that the writing took a different path so I went with the flow and felt it worked out well. Especially when I got an email from Suze on my Blackberry today telling me she had read it and felt very horny.

Sex can be the same. It’s nice to have a plan, especially when you have something special planned with your partner. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but some sex toys, anal ones particularly require a little preparation so doing some things on the spur of the moment is not always practical. You can go the whole hog and spend a night of carefully planned sensory delights if you like but in our busy lives this is a rare treat indeed.

In fact what is more common is the impromptu use of sex toys (or not) and a very free and easy take on making love. Thinking about it though I think we should spoil ourselves this weekend if we get the chance and snuggle up for a few hours of indulgence together.