Oral Sex

By | November 27, 2011

Oral SexBefore a girl had had her mouth around my cock I was totally unaware of how much technique oral sex could involve. My recollections of the first time a girl sucked my cock were of enthusiasm, but not much else. I was excited of course and she was too.

She started gently, not knowing exactly how much suction to apply and well that was it. There was a lot of sucking and slurping which at the time suited me just fine. I was delighted to get my cock in her mouth and she seemed happy right up to the point where she tasted the first hint of semen. She indicated I shouldn’t cum in her mouth and so I fucked her.

We were both very happy with the result. Now of course laddish tradition would insist that I should have been pissed off that I didn’t cum in her mouth but I’ve always been of the old-fashioned opinion that it takes at least two people to have sex and that means it’s about both of them taking pleasure from the act. Now as this was only the second time we’d had sex insisting that she did something for me that she didn’t want to do would have been inconsiderate and shortened the relationship somewhat.

But that wasn’t the point. I didn’t want to do something she wasn’t in to. The surprise I felt when she broke away from my kiss and slipped down to my cock to give it a good sucking was fantastic. What more could I have wanted – a damn good shag, which I then had. Perfect.

The point about her non-existent technique was only highlighted to me later on in life during my relationship with Suze. When I first met her oral was something we both did, me with an increasing enthusiasm, Suze lagging a bit behind. She’s never had a problem with it but I got the feeling previous boyfriends had expected and demanded it rather than just let it happen. When she realised that I was a little more considerate than this she really opened up. No pun intended.

It started with her trying to deep throat me. A feat that she has yet to achieve as she does not have a cavernous throat and I have a very adequate size cock. Quart and pint pot if you know what I mean. However, that didn’t stop her trying for a while. Listening to her make herself gag on me is really exciting, especially because she is the one who chooses to do it. Less so now because I think she’s given up on actually taking all of me in her mouth and does it as part of the range of sensations that she enjoys bestowing on me with her mouth.

And what a range. Suze has always been very attentive when giving oral and has over the years collected different hints and tips to improve her technique. It’s not uncommon for her to go down on me and to elicit the question “What are you doing to my cock?”. The new sensations she is able to generate are astonishingly varied, from the gentle and subtle to the intense and occasionally cruel. Such a range, such amazing fellatio.

So what about cumming in her mouth?

Well yes I do, sometimes, but Suze prefers me to cum inside her pussy most of the time. That’s fine with me as you really can’t hammer into a woman’s mouth with the same animal passion as you can into a woman’s vagina. Well not unless you’re in a Max Hardcore movie anyway. And Who’d want to?

From thinking that fellatio was just a girl sucking on your cock until you came in her mouth to knowing just how enjoyable it can be as a prelude to a good hard bang. It’s one of the most enjoyable learning curves I’ve been on.