Cum Fetish, Bukkake And Snowballing

By | September 4, 2008

Driving to work this morning to kill the time and relieve myself of the boredom of taking that same route every morning for the last couple of years I decided to recount the various “money shot” ideas I have seen in films.

Of course we must start with the girl on her knees in front of the guy who is frantically wanking. She is just waiting to have his come squirt all over her face because that really turns on a girl. Especially when it gets in your hair and takes an age to brush out, or even better when you get it in your eye and it stings like fuck. Lol

No, I’m afraid that cliché and well worn scene doesn’t do a thing for me.

However, there are some scenes which have turned me simply because you don’t often see that kind of finish in a porn film. One of these was the guy wanking off over her pussy and shooting his seed all over her mons. Another was where the guy wanked over her upturned ass and drizzled her butt cheeks with his spunk.

More unusual was a scene where the girls were taking part in a gangbang and the resulting cum from mouth, ass and pussy was deposited in a glass. Certainly different and may I add the girls did not drink it.

Another of my favourites is snowballing. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the act of swapping cum by spitting it in to your partners mouth. Alex and I tried this and found it to be extremely arousing…and he swallowed! 😉

In a bdsm scene we watched the guy ejaculated on to the floor and got his slave to lick it up. Done in the right way this scene can be most arousing. It’s the mixture of the dominance and the willingness of the girl to please her master.

Watching cum run out of a freshly fucked ass is also a turn on for me. Probably because I am still new to anal and I did manage to let Alex fuck me to climax. It felt good knowing that he had just ejaculated inside my ass, dirty and naughty at the same time.

We still have the DVD somewhere of a girl who is wonderful with her feet and brings the guy off using her them. Even though I am not a foot fetishist that scene still arouses me to this day.

So, tell me what works for you, I’ve shared now it’s your turn?

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