More Erotica 2011, The Outsiders

By | November 30, 2011

Basher, The OutsidersAs I have mentioned on numerous occasions the attractions at Erotica where somewhat lacking and the whole event was somewhat lacklustre.

However, there were a few gems which I have been highlighting in this series of posts and one of them was the “The Outsiders” stand where I got to meet a whole bunch of helpful and adventurous people.

One in particular who features at the top of this post was Basher Roberts, who as you can see doesn’t follow convention.  He was a very pleasant and affable chap who I have made my services available to if they should be required in the adult toy department.

You may be asking who The Outsiders are?  And I will aim to explain what the group offers to those who are disabled amongst us.  They are a charitable organisation which was set up 32 years ago to provide help and support to those affected by illness or disability.

They work together with other groups to and I quote because they sum it up so well… “work together with other groups to address the isolation faced by many disabled people and campaign for the acceptance of disabled people as sexual partners”.

The Outsiders are also available to support health care professionals in communicating with their clients on subjects such as loneliness, sex and relationships via their Sexual Health and Disability Alliance which can be found at

Additionally they offer a Disability Helpline which operates between 11am-7pm on weekdays, simply call 0707 499 3527 where calls are received by disabled people and health care professionals.  Or email them on

You can find out more about this wonderful organisation on their website here

I enjoyed meeting all the guys and look forward to being of service to them in the future.