Really Extreme Porn

By | November 30, 2011

Big Floppy TitsBefore I start I’d like to put this post into perspective. I’ve met a few porn stars in recent years. I don’t mean that I’ve got a signed picture from them at a PA, I mean I’ve actually met them, talked to them had a drink with them, had dinner with them … Hell, I even have some of their numbers on my mobile phone. I have a pile of business cards from them on the bookshelf in the study.

They are without exception perfectly normal people. On the whole nice, friendly, normal people. The difference between them and the people I deal with in my day job is that they have sex for a living and those in my day job don’t. Well except in some cases where they will do anything to advance their career.

Now considering that porn stars, who are often regarded (incorrectly for the most part) as depraved and somehow different from the rest of the world, are in truth normal people why is it that they seem to be asked to depict the most degrading of acts by some porn producers?

Apparently because the public demand a certain type of pornography. Is that so? Do the public really want their porn to be filled with dialogue that is completely derisory towards the performers? That’s mainly towards females but males can be verbally abused in porn too.

I think there is a difference between calling someone a slut during the rising passion of sex, be that as part of a couple’s dirty talk or a role playing scenario and the sort of dull and unimaginative dialogue that some directors seem to insist that performers churn out in some porn movies.

It’s the same with some of the sexual activities they are acting out. To a greater or lesser extent Suze and I have tried most things. If we like them we try them again. If we don’t we just put them down to experience. But in the case of some sexual practices despite liking them we only do them at certain time because everything has to be just right.

The problem with some porn is that to ensure it ticks all the boxes some of the more unusual stuff is shown all the time to pique the interest of the audience without recourse to such archaic disciplines as ingenuity and good direction. This leads to the over-emphasis of some aspects of sex that for most people are an occasional indulgence or only carried out in the heights of the most intense sessions of love making being portrayed a regular if not mandatory part of sex.

Everyone has the capability of being the dirty bastard/slut from time to time and when this happens naturally they will enjoy it. Guys, I know it’s porn not real life but if I see another ass to mouth, spitting into a girl’s gapping ass or roughly jiggling a girl’s boobs as if it is guaranteed to turn her on I’ll scream.