M & S Are Sexing It Up Again

By | December 1, 2011

HotIt doesn’t seem as if the good old British Institution that is Marks & Spencer can keep it in their trousers metaphorically speaking.  Lol

Only at the beginning of this year were they in trouble for using an advertising campaign which offended the minority of the population and they are in trouble again with the Advertising Standards Authority.

This time parents have allegedly objected to seeing a pretty model wearing bra, panties and suspenders depicted kneeling on a bed with her hand idly behind her head and the other on her thigh.  Apparently this was considered to be overtly sexual and reported by more than a dozen parents.

When things like this happen (and let’s face it M & S aren’t renowned for their smuttiness.) that the publicity does ultimately does no harm to the company and raises their profile as if it was required.

But it does leave me wondering if some parents aren’t being a little too sensitive, after all what can we openly see on any continental beach these days?  That’s right, women wearing very skimpy bikinis and in some cases no top at all.

So come on ladies, can’t you find anything else to complain about?

You can read the full story over here.