Hot Lovin’

By | September 5, 2008

EmpedoclesTo the elements it came from
Everything will return.
Our bodies to earth,
Our blood to water,
Heat to fire,
Breath to air.
“Empedocles”, Matthew Arnold, 1852

I have a strange affinity with fire. You can draw your own conclusions regarding what that says about my psychology. I have been told I have a fiery personality. OK I have a temper on me, but that’s not what I’m talking about, and I’m certainly not going to throw myself into Mount Etna like Empedocles.

However, there is something about a fire that draws and captivates me. No wonder the ancients had it as one of their four element. Now I’m not a big new-ager so someone can probably fill me in on what it says about me in that respect too.

I can lose myself in the glowing heart of a conflagration, drift through the incandescent plasma of a flame. I find it quite spiritual. Is that the right word? Anyway. I’m going to try an experiment here. If you were an element Earth, Air, Fire or Water, what would you be and why?

I know the Zodiacal signs have one of the four elements associated with each of them but disregard that. What do you feel you are? And what sort of lover does that make you?

Perhaps just as importantly what sort of lover do you attract/repel? As Empedocles would have termed it, the Philia (Love, φιλíα) and the Neikos (Strife, sorry I’m not sure of the spelling of this one 🙁 νεικος ?) of your relationships.