Porn Virgins

By | December 3, 2011

Can you remember the first time you watched porn, what it was you watched and how old you were? Quite a challenge, well for me anyway, I’ve watched so much since then. Lol

I quite clearly recall there being a video tape in the machine and me being curious to see what was recorded on it. My parents were out of the house I’m not sure where they were. I turned on the machine and waited for it to warm up and then pressed the play button on the remote.

The action started up and I was in the middle of a sex scene with a couple of guys and a curly haired brunette. She was hovering and the guys were touching her up. I continued to watch with my eyes and ears half concentrating on the action and half on watching our driveway for a car appearing with my parents in it.

It was exciting watching the scene unfold and the situation I was in, surreptitiously watching. I made a mental note of the tape counters start point so that I could quickly set it to rewind should someone come back I’m not sure how I would have been able to do that but the benefits of watching outweighed the possibility of being caught.

I must have been about 14 at the time and this was a whole new naughty world for me and from that day on I managed to watch the whole movie piecemeal because I assume my father forgot he left it in there.

What a lovely warm feeling I get just remembering how innocent and excited I was watching that tape. These days I’m a little jaded and it takes something really different to make me feel anything like I did the first time.