Bizarre And Dangerous

By | September 6, 2008

I just read this article about weird book titles on the BBC’s website . It got me thinking about some of the weirder things people search for that bring them to our site.

SO, hot from our stats here are our current favourites.

looking for apart time woman to fuck in London
penis caned by girls
pumped bulb pussy ass insert walking girls
her finger touched the other girls female bits and she closed

Though this month’s current winner by a mile is this:

the mom is on her knees and her hand is grasping the shaft of a cock while her lips and tongue pleasure the head. she gives expert oral and it gets the guy rock hard and excited to fuck her pussy. they do it in every position but doggy style is the hottest.

What does go through some people’s minds?

(I got the image by searching “jigsaw death smoke quiz” on Google)