Flogging, Corsets And Restraints

By | December 5, 2011

Erotica 2100 Pet CageMore from our trip to Erotica 2011 …

We left the excitement of the Television X stand and had a wander over to the fetish part of the hall.  Most of the BDSM equipment and kinky stuff was situated there, maybe Erotica thought it would scare incoming customers.  Lol

There were some rather nice wooden restraining systems on Bound 4 Bondage and we talked a while with one of the proprioters.  She was a rather nice lady from the home counties.  They had some rather specialist restraint systems which were hand made.

And what really caught my eye was the slave cage with a human dog in it.  Yes I did say human dog.  He was wearing a spotted zentai suit and had a bowl of Bonios outside his cage at  www.bound4bondage.com They also had some nicely machined metal toys at the back of the stand which caught my eye.

The next stand on was another bondage and restraint stand with lots of home made wooden furniture which can be used for home or you can commission pieces from them.  One particular piece caught my eye, it’s the one at the top of this post, which was basically a scorpion shaped bondage bed.  I’ve never seen anything like it before –  www.mivfetishfurniture.co.uk

And at the far end of the back wall was a huge shelving unit harbouring wooden dildos in every shape you could think of carved in to various woods.  You know me I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and there were rather a lot to get hold of.  I think the guy said they produced over 200 different shaped dildos.

I think they may be better sticking to less than 20 as not to over complicate the business but only time will tell.  You can see their dildos and range of beds at www.fairdinkumfurniture.com.

As you would expect at a lifestyle show there were lots of corset, outfits and lingerie stands with the odd gem hidden amongst them.  Now I’m not usually one to be distracted by jewellery and accessories but I was captivated by the anillarte stand.

They had some of the most unusual necklaces, corsets and accessories I have ever seen.  They were like a stylised version of chain mail for ladies and very nice indeed.  You can check out their exotic and creative collection on their site here www.anillarte.com.

I even had a flutter of a burlesque fan…what’s happening to me…  lol

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