Fetish Porn

By | September 6, 2008

I just finished watching a DVD featuring a school of young looking girls being fucked by various members of the boarding school staff. All of the girls in the scenes are legal and some are quite seasoned but have the standard requirements to play a schoolgirl, skeletal with no hips and small breasts.

It’s not the type of porn I would normally select but it was from a company who have produced some really good, original material and we thought we would try it for a different angle.

For some strange reason I could not quite settle with the DVD’s content and found it a little un-nerving from the start. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly had the opposite effect on me, instead of being turned on I found myself being slightly repulsed by the content.

I’m not sure if it was the whole concept of schoolgirls being fucked by men who looked much older even though I knew the girls were older than the characters they were portraying. Or if it was the very fact that these girls look pre pubescent with their skinny frames.

One thing I have realised is that the typical Hegre girl doesn’t turn me on at all. Give me a girl with hips and curves in all the right places. I would gladly trade those for youth any day.

Although I didn’t enjoy the DVD for the reasons given, there were other key factors which didn’t work for me either including girls imitating their male counterparts in a bad porn film. Lets just get this straight, one finger stuck in my pussy doesn’t bring me off…neither does having a pair of panties run up and down my slit.

These aspects made me feel this DVD was made purely for male titillation and totally removed from reality.

Oh well, you have to try these things don’t you…