Sex With Strings

By | December 9, 2011

BlondeIt was time for my regular checkup at the dentist last week and as I drove down I felt quite content that all I would require this visit would be a clean and polish.  It’s the red wine.  Lol

But I didn’t get off quite so lightly, the dentist completely missed it but when I went in to see the hygienist for my clean and polish she noticed I had an abscess on my upper tooth.

After a few minutes of scraping, spraying with water and poking which bloody hurt they x-rayed my upper jaw.  All of that I coped with quite well considering that the probing hurt like fuck.  But what came next really pissed me off.

The dreaded antibiotics!

I can hear some of you out there asking why.

Because they render oral contraception useless and you have to resort to wearing condoms.  And not just for the duration of your course of antibiotics but for a full week afterwards.

So in summary that meant no alcohol or unprotected sex for a while.  Bugger!  I hate condoms with a vengeance they completely take away the sensitivity I have below and slick his cock quite literally beyond recognition.  Lol

Then there was the dreaded trip to buy the condoms…