Living The Dream – Part 3 of 2

By | June 17, 2006

Note: Due the overwhelmingly favourable response Suze had for the two part story “Living The Dream”, she’s written two more parts. The first is below, the second will appear tomorrow.


“Hi, I’m Terri”, she announced in a sweet but husky Irish accent. Strapped around her hips was the instrument which had pleasured me only moments before, still shimmering with my juices. 

Terri wore a red lace ¾ cup lace bra and matching thong and a 7″ cock. She had the most beautiful heart shaped face, with green eyes and painted crimson lips. Not the usual Mediterranean type who I would normally go for but very attractive and as I found out only moments ago the perfect lover.

The room was illuminated by candles strategically placed on top of the pieces of oak furniture, no longer honey in colour but dark, aged by the passing of time. There were two chests of drawers and 2 double wardrobes on the far wall with a large gilt framed mirror hanging in the centre. Two large almost floor to ceiling windows and an ornate chest covered the wall to the left of the bed.

The windows were draped in a heavy claret velvet, trimmed with gold tassels. They afforded no daylight except for the crack between the curtains at the far end of the room. Light infiltrating the room through a small gap, casting a gold stripe across the oak floorboards. In the middle of the room angled slightly towards the bed was a chaiselongue upholstered in the same material as the brocade bedspread I was prostate upon. To the right of this huge four-poster bed was an oak dressing table and chair, bedside table and lamp. I turned back to look at Terri who was still perched smiling on the edge of the bed.

“I…”, I started to enquire. “Shhh, don’t say anything”, she replied whilst delving in to an overnight bag she retrieved from the floor next to the bed. She pulled something out which resembled a rubber ball and strap. She leant over me and gently raised my head from the bed. She slipped the ball between my lips and into my mouth and reached around the back of my head to secure it in place.

Jesus she had ball gagged me. So I’m now still strapped to the bed and unable to cry for help. I pulled against my bonds, there was no give and Terri gave me a sideways smile as she slipped off the edge of the bed. It was futile, my bonds were too secure, no play in them to be able to escape. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going nowhere and I must admit I felt a slight stirring between my legs.

Terri walked slowly and deliberately to the other side of the bed. That girl had a nice ass, which rolled as she walked in her 3″ red stilettos. Nice breasts too, I guessed somewhere around a 38C. The dark aerolas clearly visible through the sheer parts of the bra, her nipples strained to be set free. She unfastened the sides of the strap on dildo and placed it on the chair in front of her.

She turned towards me and smiled, then made her way towards the door. “Don’t go”, I was trying to plead but the words were lost to the rubber sphere in my mouth. The words were just muffled and lost. Terri carried on walking towards the door. She pressed down the brass handle and opened the door on to the landing. Rather than leaving the room, she started to slowly back up into view again. Good, she wasn’t leaving after all.

The girl extended her right hand out and it was grasped by someone on the other side of the door. She backed up further and the dimly light shape emerged through the jamb. It couldn’t be! It was Alex standing in the doorway dressed in a claret towelling robe. He move in to the room fully and Terri closed the door behind him.

He didn’t glance my way despite my attempts to call him. Terri placed her right arm around his shoulder and pulled his face to hers. She parted her lips and pushed her tongue in to his mouth. Thoughts began to well up within me. “What the fuck did she think she was doing with my man?”. “More to the point, what the fuck was Alex doing with this other woman without my permission”. I pulled hard against my hand restraints and the leather dug in to my soft white flesh.

The pair continued to kiss deep and passionately, right there in front of me. Alex raised his left hand and placed it firmly over Terri’s breast. His fingers squoze, dimpling her lace bra. I pulled hard against my bonds once more. This could not be happening, Alex wouldn’t do this to me. Terri released a deep throated moan directly in to Alex’s mouth as they continued to kiss, despite my protestations.

They parted lips and she dropped to the floor in front on his and pushed her hands up and under his robe. Alex pushed his head back, eyes rolling upwards as she grabbed her prize. She pulled open his robe with her left hand not wanting to let go of Alex’s semi erect cock. The robe flew open, the belt dangling down at both sides. She started to stroke him slowly along his length. Alex bit down on his lip as she stared up at him from the wooden floor.

Every move clearly visible to me from the bed. I had been riding an emotional roller coaster since Alex entered the room but now I was beginning to accept the situation. No…to be honest I was starting to be turned on by this floorshow. If you had asked me on any other day of the year how I would have reacted to such a sexual tryst, I would have probably confided that the Mr Bobbit scenario would have been appropriate. Not today, I was becoming very turned on by the events unravelling before me.

Alex was now standing proud and hard and Terri removed her hand, parting her cherry glossed lips. She moved forward and down over his hard shaft. I watched her take every inch of that erect cock back in to her throat. When she had engulfed him up to the hilt she closed her mouth over him. Alex groaned and leaned back, legs almost giving way with the stimulation.

Terri pulled back her head and then pushed down over his cock again, breathing out as she did so. “Yes”, Alex exhaled. She began to move up and down his erection more assuredly and within moments was quite vigorously orally pumping him. The muffled moans and wet popping sounds clearly audible.

My cunt was now pulsing with desire and my heart had picked up pace, almost jumping out of my chest. This was fucking hot and I wanted to join in. We had videod ourselves fucking before and thoroughly enjoyed watching it back but this was different. Live action, unexpected with no opportunity for me to involve myself in the reveries. I wanted to rub my thighs together against my clit to give myself some release but my bonds held me firm.

I would never have dreamed in my wildest fantasy that I would be so aroused, seeing my husband being sucked off by another woman. She must have the sweet taste of his pre cum on her tongue by now. How I loved to lick it from his hard glans, I hope Terry liked it too. Alex started to thrust his hips against her mouth, forcing his cock deeper in to her, fucking her throat. He placed his left hand on the back of her head, caressing rather than forcing her down on to his erection.

“Stop, I’ll cum”, he exclaimed and Terri backed off his cock. She looked every bit the dirty girl with her lipstick now smeared around her lips. Alex took both her hands and helped her to her feet. He placed his hand inside the left cup of her bra and teased out her breast. It spilled out of the cup and Alex bent over and took the nipple in to his mouth and sucked it hard. He then moved over to the right breast repeating his ministrations. Terri, now with eyes closed licked her lips and sighed loudly. She wanted Alex it was evident.

Alex took Terri’s hand, led her over to the chaiselongue and reclined her against the brocade cushion. Her legs were hanging over the edge, body leaning to the right. Alex parted her legs and squatted on the floor in front of her. I tried to attract their attention again by forcing a squeak past the ball in my mouth. It tasted sweet but rubbery and I found myself drooling slightly. Just what had my tormentors got in store for me?