The Sound Of Porn

By | September 7, 2008

NaomiYes, I have been watching a lot of porn lately…want to make something of it! Lol We watched a DVD last night which featured one particular pornstar who really grated on my nerves, or should I say our nerves because Alex got pissed off with them too.

I don’t mind them being enthusiastic, that’s good and most times adds to the quality of the performance. But this girl was squeaking and moaning at absolutely everything. She was finger fucking her female counterpart and completely overdoing the scene. With just one finger inside this girl, it was her that was making the most noise about it.

Just one person’s performance can completely ruin the whole scene. I would like to say that she carried on like this in just one of the scenes but that is not the case, everyone she was a part of had her going for a BAFTA or should I say a BOFFTA.

The woman is question is known as Naomi, Naomi Ryan or Naomi Russell, she is a 25 year old of Jewish-Slovakian according to the biogs I’ve read. If any of you readers out there have seen her performances can you let me know if she is always like this, I may look for her name as one to avoid when I next visit the Adult Store. Lol

Speaking of which this one is certainly going back to the store to be exchanged. 😉

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