Fuck Me Sense-ational

By | December 11, 2011

Body ArtI like a good slow and deeply penetrating shag, one where hips grind together and my breasts roll and massage his chest.  The intimacy of feeling him so close to me, his breath hitting my cheek, his strong arms around me and his hands stroking my soft flesh.

To feel our pubic bones grind together and the ecstasy of my clitoris being rubbed in to submission is an incredibly arousing sensation which brings me closer to orgasm.

Then we up the tempo a little as he starts to fuck me faster, this time slightly from the side as he straggles my right leg.  I can feel his balls brush my inner thigh as he works in and out of me with his deep thrusting action.

All this a build up to the inevitable crescendo…

He builds up even more pace now with my legs over his forearms as he pulls me on to his thrusting cock.  My tits are bouncing around and I take hold of each one with the palm of my hand, rolling it around and teasing the nipple as he continues his onslaught on my swollen pussy.

A few strokes later he flips me over on to my side and I crawl over to the other side of the bed and assume the position.  Down on my elbows, head in pillow and ass pointing upwards ready for him to penetrate my hot wet hole.

He fucks deep, fast and hard as I reach between my legs seeking out my clit.  Running my finger up and down the crevice between my lips coats my middle right finger and I place it over my pulsing nub.  A few rubs from side to side soon has me moaning in to the pillow and induces Alex to fuck with even more intent.

Another orgasm rips through my groin and as it subsides I hear Alex in the background grunting followed swiftly by a growl as he cums inside me.  A couple more thrusts and moans and he is spent rolling off to the side of me.

As I lay back on the mattress I ask “what colours did you see?”

His reply “primary colours, almost Mondrian”.

For Alex has an additional facet to his senses, he is a synaesthete which in layman’s terms means he senses pleasure, pain and other emotions in colour.  It fascinates me and has since I discovered he had this additional perception.

You can read up more about it here.