I’m Not Kinky I’m Expressing Myself

By | December 12, 2011

Exactly what is sexy?  I believe it is a subjective expression because everyone has their own personal interpretation of it.  For me sexy can be a wry smile playing upon a lovers lips or the stereotypical lace up corset and stockings.

I know if I’m wearing stockings and a basque my whole demeanour changes, I become more self aware and coquettish safe in the knowledge that my partner probably feels the same way and wants to rip my panties off.  😉

Materials can also be sexy, for example I only have to see a pvc glove or a latex dress to feel the flourish of excitement it arouses in me.  Yes, I do get turned on just looking at it.  There is something sensuous about the smooth and shiny cling those fabric create on the human form.  They caress the wearer, become a second skin.

Hmmmm.  I’m getting carried away now and need to focus and get to the point.  Suze is so easily distracted.  Lol

All the above does something for me but I cannot find the attraction in hooped stockings.  Can someone please explain what is sexy about a pair of long Pippi Longstocking leg wear.  Now wouldn’t you rather be looking at the image above than a girl wearing pantomime socks.

Just a thought…