Suze Get’s It up Her Ass

By | September 8, 2008

We were watching a porn DVD last night with a view to reviewing it on Sex Toys Buzz. The things we do in the service of our fellow net users. LOL The DVD is more promising than the last one. Suze has already mentioned that, it was pants. This is by the same director, but we have seen some interesting scenarios in the first scene and so … fingers crossed.

However, there was one rather dubious point where I lost interest in the action and decided to slide under the covers and pay a little attention to Suze’s pussy. The rather attractive and now collared brunette in the DVD had obviously turned Suze on as her pussy was aromatic and wet. As I approached it I could smell her arousal and was powerless to do anything but dip my tongue into her hot slit and drink my fill of the delicious nectar that Suze’s desire towards the lovely “Sophie” had generated.

Suze squirmed under my tongue’s touch. I love it when she does that, every millimetre of her, from clitoris to anus is alive and each gentle lick, every delicate nibble every hungry suck that I apply to her labia makes her giggle and buck.

Is she thinking of me or the bound girl on the screen. I don’t know or care. If it’s me then I’m gratified directly. If it’s “Sophie” then I’m imagining them in bed in the idle of the afternoon, waiting for me to come home. They’ve made love, each covered in the others fluids. Fragrant and sexually charged the atmosphere in the bedroom welcomes me a moment before I see them both on the bed, naked, limbs entwined and hungry for another partner to share their lust.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. I drank my fill and slid back up her body to her erect nipples. They await my tongue like a steeple awaits a lightning strike, each flick of my lingual member sending shivers through her body.

My cock was waving about. With each movement its inertia caused it to pull at the supportive tissue, reminding me of its weight, full of blood and my burning desire. I threw my knee across her abdomen, my cock coming to rest on her chest, balls resting on her stomach. Almost automatically Suze pushed her tits together. I thrust forward to be greeted by a warm wet tongue lubricating my tip. I slid in and out of her cleavage for a few moments. Suze Loves this but I needed to be inside her.

“Where are you going?” Suze asked, a little disappointed that she would not be able to watch my swollen helmet appear and disappear between her tits. It’s a sight she really enjoys.

Her disappointment was short lived. When she felt my cock nuzzle against her wet pussy lips all thought of a tit wank disappeared.

We fucked missionary. I bent almost double to suck one nipple then the other. Suze reached between her legs, toying with her clitoris. I was big, sliding over her cervix. Suze was gasping. Strange isn’t it how some days you can be aroused and have great sex, yet others you seem to be bigger, harder filled with the urge to thrust, thrust, thrust.

Suze came, yet almost immediately pushed me away. She rolled onto her side. “I need my butt plug. It’s on my drawer” she said. I reached over, still inside her and turned on the light, the small butt plug she likes, and the lube were waiting. Dirty girl.

I put a blob of gell lube on the plug and gently smeared it around her ass. Pressing gently the small plug slid inside, the largest diameter needing just a little push then her tight ass sucking it in until the wide base stopped it disappearing.

I felt the plug fall into place through her vaginal wall. The wall of the rectum and vagina are so flexible. I Began to fuck her again, reaching forward grasping a breast. My other hand holding a buttock. Looking back now it seems awkward, but at the time I wanted handful after handful of flesh.

Suze came, then a minute of two later she came again. All I wanted to do was fuck, fuck, fuck her until I could fuck no more and fill her with my issue. Suze’ hand reach behind her and toyed with the plug. I couldn’t work out if she was moving it around within her ass or enjoying the feeling of the foreign object, feeling the base protruding from her asshole. I was turned on even more by her enjoyment of the plug.

When she came for the last time I did too. There was no skilful timing on my part, no effort to synchronise our orgasms. I was too far gone to think like that. I was too far gone to think. There were only instincts and urges. A turquoise flame burnt at the back of my head. I roared and growl, I even drooled down my right arm as I leant forward and pumped cum inside Suze’s pussy.

That’s how sex should be.