Screwing With Your Mates

By | December 12, 2011

Fucking FriendsThe time came for Alex to apply one of the condoms I bought earlier in the day and I hoped that they would feel better than the last ones we used.  They hadn’t cost the earth, I think just a little over £5 for a pack of 12 which was certainly better value than the nineteen pounds odd for the same number from Durex.

They were a little tight and Alex had to fight a little to get it on but once there it wasn’t going anywhere.  Lol  I spread my legs and he nuzzled between them, his encapsulated cock pointing directly at its target.

I was already wet in anticipation and he slid in with ease and I held my breath as I waited to see if these Mates condoms gave any feedback.  He plunged in deep and then slid out slowly which gave me time to sense the friction created by those bumps on the condom and then finally the ridges at the end.

It didn’t feel like going bareback but it felt good all the same, a complete surprise after the last featureless ones he wore.  This didn’t feel so bad after all and it wasn’t long before I was moaning and arching my back as he slid in and out of me.

My g-spot was being assailed and it was loving it, I could feel my orgasm building.  Alex continued to probe me deeply but with more speed as I shouted out “fuck me!”.  I dug my fingers in to the mattress as he pumped in and out like a piston, driving deeper and deeper, fucking me harder and harder.

He seemed to plunder my depths for quite some time, me coming over and over, I guess as a reaction to the lack of sensation he was able to perform for much longer.  And who was I to complain.  😉

I must have been on about my fourth orgasm when I became aware of Alex’s growls of passion.  A couple of quick thrusts and he quivered inside me as he shot his come in to the latex sheath, then he collapsed backwards on the bed.

Instinctively I reached over for some tissue to plug myself with and then remembered there would be nothing to soak up.  Alex removed the condom and slid up the bed next to me and we both lay there in our post orgasmic haze for a while.