Cum And Join Us

By | December 13, 2011

I was thinking just the other day when I looked at the crates of toys I store in my bedroom which have been tested and reviewed just how long I’ve been pleasuring myself for you.  We are now fast approaching our sixth year.

Wow!  Doesn’t time fly.

Over that time we have brought you many exclusives and been the first to test many of the quality products out there.  And as the mailman walked up to my door today I thought how he has now become a regular visitor almost a friend as we engage in our doorstep chats.

BTW, don’t confuse this Royal Mail Delivery van driver with The Rammer, that miserable bugger is still forcing my mail in to my box every morning and leaving it stuck half in half out.

Lots more toys are due to arrive before Christmas, Alex and I will not get much of rest this Christmas “Holiday”.