Sex Slaves In Surrey (Slaves in other counties are available) :p

By | December 14, 2011

When I was growing up a feature of my televisual entertainment was a stream of situation comedies and British comedy films from Pinewood and Elstree. One of the running themes that appeared with a low frequency but often enough to be noticeable was “White Slavery!”.

Why the exclamation mark? Well because it was always uttered in hushed tones, with an element of surprise and an inference of dark sexual motives. A shadowy non-white slaver and buyer would often be hinted at and the potential slaves were invariably women. Putting aside the fact that the slavery of white people seemed to be regarded in some way as more heinous than slavery of Africans and other non-white races the whole thing seems to indicate that there was a lot of D/s desire going on in the light entertainment community in the last century.

The fascination with the enslavement of white women to be pressed into service with dominant masters in exotic locations … sounds like a BDSM abduction scenario to me. Of course at the time the BDSM aspect never struck me as such and in my naivety I classed it as just another part of the story. But in the same way as Betty Page was the innocent face of kinky photography these comedic references to some sort of power exchange left there mark.

How many suburban slaves are there today and how many of their relationships were suggested by an innocent sit-com? I suppose in the Internet age you could buy one on Amazon. You can certainly meet them on Facebook.