Trophy Fuck

By | December 15, 2011

Blonde With CondomAs you have probably figured out by now if you read here frequently.  I’m not a shy girl when it comes to all things sexual but I am fairly private as a person.  I know not so much online because I share my most intimate encounters with you all but in real life I’m quite reserved in certain ways.

And for me having to buy condoms brought about mixed emotions, I know lots of people buy them but not me, well least not on a regular basis.  Just when needs must, like at the moment while I’m on antibiotics which render my oral contraception almost useless for 2 weeks.

I decided to be all cool about it and not go to a chemist but buy them in the supermarket along with my normal household purchases.  It would be easy to simply slip them in to my shopping basket and self scan them at the end of my shopping, which meant I wouldn’t even have to pass them to the checkout woman/man.

If only it was that easy…

I wondered down the chemist section of Sainsburys eyes peeled not knowing which isle I may find them on.  Then I caught a glimpse of them in my eye.  They had been placed on the top shelf of the isle next to the disposable cock rings and lubes, away from tiny fingers.

No packs of 5 for me I wanted fuck loads!  This is where the problem began.  The packs of 12 were in little acrylic sarcophagus’ locked away like a trophy in a cabinet.  And what did this mean?  It meant when you had made your selection you have to go over to the pharmacy counter and hand over your little trophy to the grey haired old lady serving.


I looked the multipack selection over, without my glasses may I add, so I couldn’t read a thing.  However, I did manage to pick out those all important words “Double Stimulation”.  Just what I was looking for, a condom you could actually get some arousal from.

Without a thought I rushed to the desk to pay and didn’t even mind standing next to an old bloke when I handed over my box in exchange for a 12 pack.

How would these condoms perform compared to the ones I’ve used in the past?