Whisky And Women

By | September 9, 2008

AlexSuzeI must be getting old. I have a cold at the moment. Bloody September and I have a cold. It’s the postmaster where I bought my car tax that I blame. He was coughing and spluttering as he took my money and handed me the tax disk. That was a week ago, now I’m feeling like shit. I had a weekend of snot and now I have the aches and pains. Marvellous.

I say I’m getting old because only a few years ago I’d have downed a tumbler of whisky and got on with some naughties. Hehehe. Now I just want to curl into a ball. I can’t even take a day off work to speed my recovery because there’s a promotion launch on Wednesday and I’m doing the preparation for that. Today in the office was miserable and tomorrow will be worse.

I remember when Suze and I first moved into a flat together. It was our first full winter living together. I got a terrible cold and took some Sudafed. Then topped it off with some whisky. If I did that now I’d be snoring within an hour. Back then I got a bit trippy, it could have been exhaustion, dehydration, alcohol, the drugs or all of them. The world became very colourful and we had some great sex. Well, when I say we had great sex I’ll say I had great sex and Suze seemed to enjoy it too. That’s the thing about being out of it. It doesn’t matter who you’re with, even if they have indulged in the same substances as you the trip is a personal, private one.

Sex brings you together though. Maybe that’s just the perspective it gives you but you do feel as if you’ve shared an experience if you’re having sex at the same time. I would not recommend it as a means of ensuring you share all experiences however. That would be embarrassing and potentially cause you to be arrested. LOL